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Religious believers and Atheists, Freedom of Expression is a Fundamental Human Right

We are inviting your attention to a call for action by the International humanist community. You are requested to do everything possible to make this campaign a success. Please access the following links for detailed information :

1. http://www.centerforinquiry.net/cfe/news/in_worldwide_protests_atheists_to_demand_response_to_bangladeshs_crackdown_

2. http://iheu.org/story/call-action-defend-bloggers-bangladesh

“The events in Bangladesh are only the latest instance of a fierce global crackdown on ‘blasphemy,’ with the criminalization of atheism and religious dissent,” said protest coordinator Michael De Dora, director of CFI’s Office of Public Policy. “To all those who believe that the freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, we call upon you to join us, religious believer and atheist alike. We can show those whose lives and freedoms are threatened that they are not forgotten, and send a message to these oppressive regimes that their abuses will not be ignored.” Let us make this world a better place to live in.

Release Hamza Kashgari

Please visit the site:


And sign the petition to release Hamza Kashgari


Links to Petitions

One of the early petition captions on this cause is:

Saudi government, Interpol and Malaysian government: Freedom for Hamza Kashgari

And the link to it :


Another one is:

End Death Calls for Saudi Poet and Blogger

And the link to it:


All the friends are requested to furnish these links also along with their requests for support to the cause. A smart activist can encourage 10 friends a day. Let us make our endeavor a historic success!

A letter to the Attorney General ( Hamza Kashgari ) 


By Anood AlQahtaniClara A Connolly and Morag Fulton in Free Hamza Kashgari


“If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.” –John Stuart Mill

What does it mean to feel one’s historical responsibility? It is that, after finishing reading this statement and this message, and posting your name at the end, you are reassured that the dream that captured Martin Luther King’s imagination, and Mahatma Gandhi’s, and Dorothy Irene Height’s, and all the free people of the world and in history, who have died without it. For the rights to freedom and justice and equality of their people have been achieved. Therefore we write this statement and this message to the “general prosecutor”, phrased in a manner in which he understands and that is understood by the next generation of our people, so the next generation can understand the amount of damage and destruction that was caused by those that lived before them. Either they learn well from that lesson, or they can suffer the consequences.

On the 12th of February 2012, the Saudi government returned our beloved friend Hamza Kashgari from Malaysia, overwhelmed, on a private jet after he ran from the oppression of the death threats he had received. The world never looked so grim for him. The reason why? Because he wrote what was on his mind, and said of the Prophet (pbuh), “I loved things about you and hated others,” and they became angry with him. How dare he say, “I hated things about you,” and expressed what’s in his soul? Then he said to the Prophet: “I will not pray for you and I will not bow to you and I will shake your hand as your equal,” and voices attacked him, many calls were made to kill him, his addresses were published and the majority of people went with it. Then the King issued an order to arrest him and subject him to the general prosecution and interrogation. Despite leaving the country mere hours before the fact, seeking refuge, it was still of no use as Malaysia deported and delivered him.

At the same time as we write this statement and this message, our beloved friend Hamza Kashgari sits behind bars awaiting his unknown fate. The angry voices have not subsided to any extent, until the “general prosecutor” of Jeddah stated to a local paper that a court case is being made against Hamza and all those who encouraged, agreed, and otherwise supported him on Twitter. Then suddenly lists were established and peoples’ investigative courts were initiated; either you reject what he said and demand his execution, thus saving yourself but losing your soul, or go with the other way that many friends have gone, and focus on the fact that Hamza repented and retracted all that he said. In other words, through forgiveness, and you don’t win your soul here, you’d just be lying and deceiving yourself- for this way, you’re with the first group of people, but you accept his repentance and they don’t. So what stands behind the two aforementioned paths? It’s that no one else talks, that people become silent about what is inside them, and they agree with the others on matters that they don’t really agree with them on. That way they lose themselves and their individuality and assimilate with the masses and become hypocritical with them, even if they don’t approve and it’s out of their hands.

So in this message and this statement to the “general prosecutor”, who made the aforementioned statement, we say to him that we, who have written our names at the bottom of the message and in the comments, refuse Hamza’s trial and his being forced to repent and we demand he be released at once and protected. To make matters easier for you in trying to search and investigate and prosecute, we with our names encourage fighting an idea with another using embedded convictions that are strong, not frail. Not using arrests and punishment. We support all of those who would like to speak their minds and express what is in their souls ,and write and speak and raise their voices high with what they want to say. Not with what we want, and not with what the angry mob wants, and with all those international declarations signed to preserve human rights and freedoms, which were signed by the Saudi government but were worked against and deviated away from. We make sure to acknowledge that we often disagree with each other and criticize, to the extent that we tell you, the “general prosecutor”, that these names you see and read are ready to sacrifice their lives so any citizen can state and otherwise express their opinion.

We believe that we are being tested now and either be or not be. We are either true to ourselves and our principles and values that we believe in, for our nation and its future, in calling for its rights and freedoms both in conscience and creed, for every citizen living around us, and standing up to the deviation of the government away from the international accords that it signed, guaranteeing human rights and freedoms. Or else we are just posers with no principles or values, speaking what we don’t believe, and having no hope that the next generation would be able to resist this governmental deviation. Of freedom and justice and equality, terms that pass by the awareness of many at this time, and of many others who have not felt the historical responsibility they have towards their nation.

we are :

Ebthal Al-Mubarak , Ahmad Osama Jambi , Anwar Ali Al-Sumaikhy, Albra’a Sameer Falodah, Anoud Bader Al-Qahtani, Alhumaidi Al-Obaisan, Jehad Mahmoud Al-amasy , Hagar Mahdy Hussain, Majid Dohan Al-yammy, Mohannad Adel Najjar, Nada Alqatar mohammad Al-Shehry, Nouf Hadi Al-Harbi, Salem Fawzi bejneed, Sara Bader Al-Qahtani,Sahel Mansour Alruwaily, Sultan Makki Al-sawwaf ,Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Harbi, Abdulrahman Ayman bajawdah , Abdullrahman musa Al-faqeeh , Abdulrahman Salman Al-ali, Abdulrahman harakaty , Essa Salman Al-feefy, Omer Al-tamimy, saleh hameed matar al-anezy, raya Muhammad al-shareef , thumar mahmoud al-marzougi, khobaib zuhair Osailan

  • The video version of the letter :



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We Are The Makers Of Our World ; Let Us Remake It !


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We Are The Makers Of Our World ; Let Us Remake It !

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