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Psychology of the Seer in Malayalam

For the first time, M.N. Roy’s essays ‘The Psychology of the Seer’ and ‘The Transmigration of the Soul’ have appeared in Malayalam. The book, ‘India’s Message (Fragments of a Prisoner’s Diary)’ is an important introduction to the study of criticism of the religious mode of thought. Mr. M.V. Haridasan, Chittoor (Palakkad District) has translated the nine articles contained in the book. INSIGHT PUBLICA, Kozhikkode has brought out the same under the title, ‘Divyanmaarude Manashshaasthram’ . In the context of the long buried superstitions assuming a new lease of life in Kerala, the new venture is a welcome surprise. The publisher deserves all praise for having taken up this task fully knowing the sorry state of the book market in Kerala. The original book along with his’Materialism’, ‘Science and Philosophy’, ‘Reason Romanticism Revolution’, ‘New Humanism – A Manifesto’ and ‘Humanism, Revivalism and The Indian Heritage’ (all available in English) helps to give a strong foundation to Radical Humanists engaged in the work of spreading Rationalism, Humanism, Scientific temper and Secularism. The agile lie hunter that Roy was, publication of this book is a fitting tribute to the founder of Indian Rationalist Association at a time when his 125th birth anniversary is being celebrated. Books in the last phase of his life are dependable bridges for the bewildered or confused Marxists in their search for the Humanist Highway.

Cover Price: Rs. 80/- only



C.H. Cross Road, Nadakkavu,

Kozhikkode, Kerala.


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We Are The Makers Of Our World ; Let Us Remake It !


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We Are The Makers Of Our World ; Let Us Remake It !

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